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Hazard Evaluation and Epidemiology Research Group

In this research group, the following is conducted: the assessment for chemical and physical agents and their potential hazards in workplaces, the evaluation of effective and practical measures for preventing health hazards induced by occupational exposures in workplaces, and the epidemiological analysis of health hazards and occupational exposures in workplaces. Research priority is given to urgent and important issues in occupational safety and health: practical intervention studies for preventing work-related diseases (musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disorders and so on), surveillance studies for work-related diseases and occupational exposures, epidemiological studies of mortality among asbestos-exposed workers, epidemiological analyses of occupational diseases and injuries, and so on.

Assessment of occupational exposures to hazardous factors through walk-through surveys.

Evaluation of reproductive hazards by computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA).

Risk assessment for occupational exposures to formaldehyde in a pathological unit.

Surveillance scheme for occupational and work-related diseases/injuries.

Proposals for improving work environments/conditions in the small groups.

Risk assessment for occupational exposure to asbestos in handling construction materials.

Evaluation of using nursing care equipment with musculoskeletal burdens.