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Publishing 05/31/2016 INDUSTRIAL HEALTH Vol.54 No.3
Publishing 03/31/2016 Annual Report of National Instutute of Occupational Safety and Helth, 2014 (in Japanese)
Publishing 03/29/2016 Disclosure of Accident Investigation Reports (in Japanese)
Event 03/18/2016 Open laboratory on April 20th (Kiyose) and 24th (Noborito). (in Japanese)
Publishing 03/16/2016 Recommended Practices for Explosion Pressure Shock-resistant Dryers (JNIOSH-TR-47)
Publishing 03/03/2016 Journal of Occupational Safety and Health Vol.9 No.1
Publishing 02/17/2016 Risk assessment and risk reduction for preventing process accidents in chemical process industries (JNIOSH-TD-No.5)
Publishing 01/21/2016 SPECIFIC RESEARCH REPORT (JNIOSH-SRR-NO.45(2015))
Announcement 09/18/2015 Recent research themes have been put up on the Research Groups page.
Publishing 09/18/2015 Leaflet for occupational accidents prevention related to use of Roll Box Pallets
Publishing 09/08/2015 Handbook for occupational accidents prevention related to use of Roll Box Pallets (RBP) (JNIOSH-TD-No.4)
Publishing 08/06/2015 Recommended Practices for Explosion-Protected Electrical Instralltions in General Industries (JNIOSH-TR-46)
Publishing 07/31/2015 "Action Plan for the Prevention of Waterworks Accidents 2015" has been released (in Japanese).
Event 07/08/2015 Dust Explosion and Fire Safety Training (Introductory/Fundamental Course) (7-8, September 2015). (in Japanese)
Event 04/23/2015 Information for JNIOSH technical seminar on occupational safety and health 2015. (in Japanese)
Announcement 03/25/2015 The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was re-signed between National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan (JNIOSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute (OSHRI), Korea on 25th March, 2015.
Event 02/20/2015 Open laboratory on April 15th (Kiyose) and 18th (Noborito). (in Japanese)
Event 10/02/2014 Workshop on Industrial Safety and Helth, WISH (in Japanese)
Event 10/23/2013 International Conference on Fall Prevention and Protection 2013( 23rd -25th October 2013 )

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