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Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards Due to Dust

Ministry of Labour Ordinance No.18 of April 25, 1979
Latest Amendments:
Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 41 of October 31, 2000

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Chapter VI.  Personal Protective Equipment

(Use of Respiratory Protective Equipment)

Article 27. The employer whose workers engage in the work designated in Table 3 (not including the cases falling under the categories of the items of paragraph 1 or paragraph 2 of Article 7) shall have such workers use effective respiratory protective equipment (restricted to air-supplied respirators or air respirators for workers to engage in the work designated in item 5 of Table 3) except where a dust source enclosure system or local exhaust ventilation system or push-pull type ventilation system or a humidifying system for dust sources related to the said work is provided which effectively prevents the dispersal of dust related to said work.

2.   Workers shall, when they are instructed to use respiratory protective equipment in accordance with the provisions of Articles 7, 8, paragraph 1 of Article 9, the proviso of paragraph 2 of Article 24 and the preceding paragraph, use this respiratory protective equipment.

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