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Enforcement Order of the Industrial Safety and Health Act
Cabinet Order No. 318, August 19, 1972

Cabinet Order No. 331. Oct 20, 2006

Update : 2008.03.25

Article 10 (Machines, etc. Defined by the Cabinet Order Set Forth in Paragraph (1) of Article 33 of the Act)
  • Machines, etc. defined by the Cabinet Order set forth in paragraph (1) of Article 33 of the Act shall be the machines, etc. listed in followings:
    • (i) Mobile cranes having a lifting capacity (meaning the maximum load which can be burdened onto cranes (excluding mobile cranes,hereinafter the same ), mobile cranes or derricks corresponding to their structures and materials, hereinafter the same) of 0.5 tons or more;
    • (ii) Construction machines listed in Appended Table 7 capable of moving themselves to unspecified places by using motive power;
    • (iii) Transferring vehicles on rough terrain;
    • (iv) Vehicle for work at height with a work platform having the height of 2 m or more (meaning the height of the work platform in case that it is raised to its maximum height, hereinafter the same).