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Enforcement Order of the Industrial Safety and Health Act
Cabinet Order No. 318, August 19, 1972

Cabinet Order No. 331. Oct 20, 2006

Update : 2008.03.25

Article 19 (Categories of Industry Subject to Conduct the Education For a Foreman, etc.)
  • The categories of industry defined by the Cabinet Order set forth in Article 60 of the Act shall be as follows:
    • (i) Construction industry;
    • (ii) Manufacturing industry excluding those listed in followings;
      • (a) Food and tobacco manufacturing industry (excluding taste condiment manufacturing industry and animal and vegetable oil manufacturing industry).
      • (b) Textile industry (excluding spinning industry and dyeing industry).
      • (c) Clothes and other textile goods manufacturing industry.
      • (d) Paper processing goods manufacturing industry (excluding cellophane manufacturing industry).
      • (e) Newspaper industry, publication industry, bookbinding industry, and printed matter processing industry.
    • (iii) Electric power industry.
      • (iv) Gas industry.
      • (v) Automobile maintenance industry.
      • (vi) Machinery repairing industry.