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Enforcement Order of the Industrial Safety and Health Act
Cabinet Order No. 318, August 19, 1972

Cabinet Order No. 331. Oct 20, 2006

Update : 2008.03.25

Article 2 (Workplaces Subject to Appoint a General Safety and Health Manager)
  • The workplaces of the scale defined by the Cabinet Order set forth in paragraph (1) of Article 10 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act (hereinafter referred to as gthe Acth) shall be those regularly employing workers of the numbers listed in the following items or more corresponding to the category of industry listed in the said items;
    • (i)Forestry, mining, construction, land transportation, and cleaning industries: 100
    • (ii) Manufacturing (including the material processing industry), electric power supply, gas supply, heat supply, water supply, telecommunications, the wholesale, wholesale of furniture, fittings and fixtures, etc., retail, retail of furniture, fittings and fixtures, retail of fuel, the hotel, the golf course, automotive servicing and mechanical servicing industries: 300;
    • (iii) Other industries: 1,000.