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Enforcement Order of the Industrial Safety and Health Act
Cabinet Order No. 318, August 19, 1972

Cabinet Order No. 331. Oct 20, 2006

Update : 2008.03.25

Article 8 (Workplace Subject to Establish a Safety Committee)
  • The workplaces of the category of industry and scale defined by the Cabinet Order set forth in paragraph (1) of Article 17 of the Act shall be the workplaces regularly employing workers of numbers listed in the following items or more corresponding to the category of industry listed in the said items:
    • (i) Forestry, mining, construction and lumber and wood products, chemical, iron and steel, metal products, and transport machine of manufacturing industry, land transportation and port transportation of transportation industry, automobile maintenance, machine repairing, and cleaning service: 50;
    • (ii) The category of industries listed in item (i) and (ii) of Article 2 (excluding the category of industries listed in the preceding item): 100.