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Enforcement Order of the Industrial Safety and Health Act
Cabinet Order No. 318, August 19, 1972

Cabinet Order No. 331. Oct 20, 2006

Update : 2008.03.25

Article 9-2 (Work Prescribed by the Cabinet Order Set Forth in Paragraph (1) of Article 25-2 of the Act)
  • The work prescribed by the Cabinet Order set forth in paragraph (1) of Article 25-2 of the Act shall be as follows:
    • (i) The construction works of tunnels, etc., involving those carried out at the place 1,000 m or more away from the tunnel entrance and the excavation work in the pit (limited to the one used for passages) with the depth 50 m or more;
    • (ii) The works carried out by compressed air construction method, involving those carried outr under at a gauge pressure of 0.1 MPa or more.