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Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 32 of September 30, 1972

Latest Amendments:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance No. 47 of March 30, 2007
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Update : 2008.03.28

Part I General Rules

Chapter II-4 Investigation, etc., of Danger or Harm, etc.

Article 24-11 (Investigation of Danger or Harm, etc.)
  • (1) Investigation of the danger or harm, etc., set forth in paragraph (1) of Article 28-2 of the Act shall be carried out at the following timing:
    • (i) When a building is installed, relocated, altered or dismantled.
    • (ii) When a facilities or raw material, etc., is newly adopted or changed.
    • (iii) When working methods or working procedures are newly adopted or changed.
    • (iv) In addition towhat is listed in the preceding three items, when a change has occurred or is liable to occur as regards danger or harm, etc., due to buildings, facilities, raw materials, gas, vapor, dust, etc., and those arising from work actions and other works.
  • (2) The categories of industry prescribed by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare set forth in the proviso of paragraph (1) of Article 28-2 of the Act shall be those listed in item (i) and (ii) of Article 2 of the Order (excluding manufacturing industry).
Article 24-12 (Publication of Guidelines)
  • (1) The provision of Article 24 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the publication of guidelines pursuant to the provision of paragraph (2) of Article 28-2 of the Act.