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Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 32 of September 30, 1972

Latest Amendments:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance No. 47 of March 30, 2007
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Update : 2008.03.28

Part III Health Standards

Chapter IV Lighting and Illumination

Article 604 (illumination)
  • (1) The employer shall conform illumination on the working face of place where workers are regularly engaged in work to the standards listed in the right column of the following table corresponding to the type of work listed in the left column of the same table. However this shall not apply to workshops where photosensitive materials are handled, a workshop in a pit and other workshops where special works are carried out.
    Types of Work Standards
    Precision work 300 luces or more
    Ordinary work 150 luces or more
    Rough work 70 luces or more
Article 605 (Lighting and Illumination)
  • (1) The employer shall ensure that lighting and illumination are provided in such a way that they do not cause dazzling or a striking contrast of light and darkness.
  • (2) The employer shall inspect for illumination apparatus of the place where workers engaging regularly, periodically once every period within six months.