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Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 32 of September 30, 1972

Latest Amendments:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance No. 47 of March 30, 2007
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Update : 2008.03.28

Part III Health Standards

Chapter VIII Dining Halls and Kitchens

Article 629 (Dining Hall)
  • (1) The employer shall, in the workshops prescribed by the text of Article 614, provide dining facilities outside the workshops. However, this shall not apply to when workers do not dine at the workplace.
Article 630 (Dining Hall and Kitchen)
  • (1) The employer shall conform a dining hall and kitchen attached to the workplace to the following provisions:
    • (i) To provide a dining hall and kitchen separately, and to be sufficient in lighting and ventilation and make structure easy for cleaning.
    • (ii) To ensure the floor area of the dining hall with 1 m3 or more per one dining worker.
    • (iii) To provide tables and chairs for dining workers (for chairs, excluding the case that workers dine while sitting on the floor).
    • (iv) To provide the dining hall at a suitable distance from a lavatory or dumping ground.
    • (v) To provide facilities to disinfect tableware, foodstuffs, etc
    • (vi) To provide suitable facilities to keep tableware, foodstuffs and seasonings.
    • (vii) To provide facilities to keep out flies and other insects, rats, dogs, cats, etc.
    • (viii) To provide a sufficient amount of clean water for drinking and cleaning.
    • (ix) To ensure the floor of the kitchen is made of impermeable materials and of a structure capable of easy cleaning and draining.
    • (x) To ensure waste fluid and materials is disposed of without being exposed outside the kitchen and discharged harmlessly as through a settling tank.
    • (xi) To provide a rest room and lavatory exclusive for kitchen.
    • (xii) Not to have kitchen workers with an infectious disease who are not appropriate for cooking work.
    • (xiii) To have kitchen workers wear clean working clothes exclusive for cooking.
    • (xiv) Not to allow persons other than kitchen workers enter the kitchen without reason.
    • (xv) To provide footwear exclusive for the kitchen and not to allow entering the kitchen with their shoes on.
Article 631 (Securing and Improvement of Nourishment)
  • (1) The employer shall, when providing the workers with meals in a workplace, endeavor to take necessary measures in order to secure and improve the nourishment as to the meals.
Article 632 (Dietician)
  • (1) The employer shall, when providing workers with 100 meals or more at a time or 250 meals or more a day in a workplace, endeavor to employ a dietician.
  • (2) The employer shall ensure that the dietician carries out investigation or selection of foodstuffs, preparation of menus, calculate of nutritive values, investigation of amounts wasted and the tastes of workers, guidance on nourishment, etc., in cooperation with the health officers and those who are related to providing meals.