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Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 32 of September 30, 1972

Latest Amendments:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance No. 47 of March 30, 2007
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Update : 2008.03.28

Part IV Special Regulations

Chapter II Special Regulations Concerning Machine Lessor, etc.

Article 665 (Machine Lessor, etc.)
Article 666 (Measures to Be Taken by Machine Lessor, etc.)
  • (1) A person prescribed by the preceding Article (hereinafter referred to as “machine lessors etc.”) shall, when they lease machines, etc., take the following measures:
    • (i) To check in advance the said machine, etc., and carry out the repair or other necessary maintenance when having found any abnormalities.
    • (ii) To deliver the document indicating the following matters to the employers to whom machines, etc., are leased.
      • (a) The capabilities of the said machines, etc.
      • (b) Characteristic of the said machines, etc., and other matters of the machines, etc., such as precautions for use.
  • (2) The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply to the case that the selection of machines, etc., at the time of their purchase and their maintenance work after the lease which should originally be made by the owner are made by the employer to whom the machines, etc., are leased (including the small-scale enterprise facilities leasing business conducted by prefectural facilities leasing agency prescribed by paragraph (6) of Article 2 of the Act of Financial Aid on Facility Introduction for Small Scale Enterprises [Act No.115 of 1956]).
Article 667 (Measures to be Taken by Those to whom Machine, etc., are Leased)
  • (1) A person who has leased machines, etc., from a machine lessors shall, in the case that an person operating the said machines, etc., is not employed by the said person, take the following measures:
    • (i) To confirm that the operator of the machines, etc., has qualification or skill required pursuant to the legislation.
    • (ii) To notify the operator of the machines, etc., of the following matters:
      • (a) Details of work.
      • (b) System of command.
      • (c) Method of liaison and signals.
      • (d) Travelling routes, speed limit and other matters concerning the operation of the said machines, etc.
      • (e) Other necessary matters for preventing industrial accidents due to the operation of the said machines, etc.
Article 668 (Obligations of Person Operating Machine, etc.)
  • (1) The person operating machine, etc. set forth in the preceding Article shall, when having been informed of matters listed in item (ii) of the same Article from the person to whom machines, etc., are leased, observe the said matters.
Article 669(Deleted)