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Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 32 of September 30, 1972

Latest Amendments:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance No. 47 of March 30, 2007
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Update : 2008.03.28

Appended Table 6-2 (Related to Article 87)

  • (i) Work concerning generation, transmission, transformation, distribution or storage of electricity
  • (ii) Work melting, refining or heat treatment of metals
  • (iii) Work welding or cutting of metals
  • (iv) Work manufacturing of glass
  • (v) Work concerning dry distillation of coal, lignite, asphalt, pitch wood or resin; or distillation and refining of tar
  • (vi) Work using industrial dryers
  • (vii) Work manufacturing, refining or handling oils and fats, wax or paraffin
  • (viii) Spraying or baking of paints
  • (ix) Work manufacturing or handling compressed gas or liquefied gas
  • (x) Work manufacturing or handling gunpowder, explosives or similar articles
  • (xi) Work manufacturing or handling dangerous substances; or manufacturing or handling substances whose flash points are 65 ℃ or more at temperatures not less than the flash points
  • (xii) Work listed in item (ii) of paragraph (1) of Article 13 (excluding work listed in (j) in the same item)