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Ordinance on Prevention of Lead Poisoning

(Special Ordinance of September 30, 1972)
(Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 37)


Chapter I. General Provisions (Articles l through 4)
Chapter II. Facilities (Articles 5 through 23)
Chapter III. Structure, Performance, etc., of Ventilation Systems (Articles 24 through 32)
Chapter IV. Management
Section 1. Operations Chief of Lead Work, etc. (Articles 33 through 38)
Section 2.

Supervision of Work (Articles 39 through 42)

Section 3. Storage, etc. (Articles 43 and 44)
Section 4. Preservation of Cleanliness, etc. (Articles 45 through 51)
Chapter V. Measurement (Article 52 through 52-4)
Chapter VI. Health Management (Articles 53 through 57)
Chapter VII. Personal Protective Equipment, etc. (Articles 58 and 59)
Chapter VIII. Skill Training Course for Operations Chief of Lead Work (Article 60)
Supplementary Provisions