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Ordinance on Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning

The Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 36, September 30, 1972

Chapter VIII.  Storage of Organic Solvents and Disposal of Empty Containers

(Storage of Organic Solvents and the like)

Article 35.  The employer shall, when storing organic solvents, etc., inside a building, use solid containers with closed lids or plugged stoppers so that the organic solvents will not spill, leak, seep out or disperse, and shall install the following equipment at the storage place:

(1)   Equipment to prevent workers other than assigned workers from entering the storage facility.

(2)   Equipment to exhaust organic solvent vapour to the outside.

(Disposal of Empty Containers)

Article 36.  When an empty container which was previously used to contain organic solvents is suspected to emit vapour, the employer shall seal the container or store the container at a specified outdoor place.

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