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The Safety Ordinance for Cranes

(Ordinance of the Ministry of Labour No.34 September 30, 1972)

Chapter VII Light Capacity Lift

Section 1 Installation

Article 202 (Report for Installation)
  • (1) The employer who intends to install a light capacity lift shall submit, in advance, the light capacity lift installation notification (Form No.29) to the Chief of the competent Labour Standards Inspection Office. However, this shall not apply to the employer who has been given the accreditation.
Article 203 (Load Test)
  • (1) The employer shall, when having installed a light capacity lift, perform the load test for the said light capacity lift.
  • (2) The load test set forth in the preceding paragraph, shall be done in such manners as performing motions with raising and lowering while carrying a load with the mass corresponding to 1.2 times of the loading capacity.