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The Safety Ordinance for Cranes

(Ordinance of the Ministry of Labour No.34 September 30, 1972)

Chapter VII Light Capacity Lift

Section 2 Use and Operation

Article 204 (Adjustment on Safety Device)
  • (1) The employer shall adjust over-winding preventive devices and other safety devices of a light capacity lift in order to ensure their reliable operation.
Article 205 (Limitation on Overload)
  • (1) The employer shall not use a light capacity lift being loaded with the load over its loading capacity.
Article 206 (Signals for Operation)
  • (1) The employer shall, when carrying out the work using a light capacity lift, set the fixed signals for the operations of the light capacity lift, and have workers engaged in the said work give the said signals.
  • (2) Workers engaged in the work set forth in the preceding paragraph shall give the signals set forth in the same paragraph.
Article 207 (Restriction on Riding)
  • (1) The employer shall not have workers ride on the cage of a light capacity lift. However, this shall not apply to the case of carrying out the work repairing, adjusting, checking, etc., for the said lift, and when taking measures, which is unlikely to cause dangers to workers engaged in the said work.
  • (2) Workers, excluding the case set forth in the proviso of the preceding paragraph, shall not ride on a cage of a light capacity lift.