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Traffic-Related Accident Fatalities in 1999

JICOSH quotes this article from "ROUDOU ANZEN KOHHOH(1st July 2000)" published by Roudou Chousakai (originally written in Japanese)

According to the National Police Agency, the number of fatalities due to traffic accidents (those who died from accidents within 24 hours) in 1999 was 9,005 persons, a decline of 206 persons (2.2%) from the previous year.

The number of traffic accident fatalities has been decreasing for four consecutive years since 1996 when the figure fell below the level of 10,000 fatalities. However, the figure for 1999 still exceeds the lowest figure of 8,466 fatalities recorded in 1979 by 539 persons.

The average number of traffic accident fatalities per day in 1999 was 24.7 persons, which means that one person was killed every 58 minutes of every day.

Changes in the Number of Fatalities in Traffic Accidents

The Number of Fatalities due to Traffic Accidents by Month


The worst record of traffic accident fatalities by month in 1999 occurred in December (934 fatalities), although this figure was 26 persons lower than the number for the same month in 1998. The highest record per day (45 fatalities) was seen on December 28 (Tuesday). On the other hand,

he smallest daily figure (11 fatalities) was recorded on September 14 (Tuesday).