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February 17th,1999

Policy for Labour Standard Administration in Fiscal 1999 Determined

-- Creating Healthy and Stable Working Environments for All Motivated Workers

  1. The Labour Standards Bureau of the Ministry of Labour today determined the operational policy for labour standard administration in fiscal 1999 (see attachment).

    This operational policy is established each year to carry out administrative activities in a uniform, well-planned and effective manner and acquire the understanding and cooperation of all people, including management and labour, by clearly outlining the basic policies on labour standards administration.

  2. This operational policy for fiscal 1999 clearly focuses on changes in industrial and employment structures in dealing with severe economic circumstances to create healthy and stable working environments for all workers with strong motivation. More specifically, the policy calls for the Ministry of Labour, prefectural labour standards bureaus, and labour standards inspection offices to make efforts in an integrated manner to promote effective measures for better and improved working conditions and the smooth operation of amended Labour Standards Law, as well as measures for working hours, worker safety and health maintenance, the workmen's accident compensation insurance.

  3. On the basis of this policy, prefectural labour standards offices will select appropriate objectives meeting the needs of each jurisdiction to promote administrative efforts in a well-focused and planned manner.